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From 8 to 10 August, VIC Group together with Zoetis, Novus, Lallemand and Haupner held Far Eastern Veterinary Forum on "Prevention, diagnostics, treatment of infectious diseases of livestock and poultry".

Representatives from pig and poultry farms of all Russian regions visited this event.

The Forum was divided into two sections - pig and poultry farming.

The Head of Department of Poultry Farming (VIC Group), Lusigen Hoshafian, introduced participants of the Forum to effective prevention of mycoplasmosis and ornithobacteriosis in broiler chickens using drugs manufactured by VIC Group. Treatment of these diseases is the most pressing issue for many poultry farms. Forum participants were offered schemes of treatment that had long proved to be effective. The schemes included the use of drugs manufactured by "VIC Animal Health", Coliquinol and Solutystin. He also presented practical solutions on treatment of articular pathology in poultry using Klindaspectin, Clavuxicin, Dolinc, Tiacyclin. There was made an overview of equipment for agricultural specialist, in which the participants got detailed information on vaccination instruments to administer drug of various pharmaceutical groups and disinfection equipment.

The Leading Specialist of Hygiene and Sanitation Department of VIC Group, Denis Sinitsyn, presented a report on "Detergents and disinfectants for full preparation of premises at poultry farms". He stressed that without qualitative cleaning with professional detergents of "Schippers", it is impossible to make high-quality disinfection. The highest quality can be achieved with the use of modern disinfectant "Hyperdez". And application of a modern detergent and disinfectant "Oxy-Clean" guarantees High-quality cleaning of animal watering system.

In the Pig Farming section, the topical problems concerning pig industry were actively discussed. The Leading Veterinary Consultant on pig farming of VIC Group, Maxim Biryukiv, described the current situation concerning main swine diseases and approaches to their prevention and treatment. The schemes of treatment and prevention under industrial conditions with the use of the latest pharmacological products were presented.

The Leading Veterinary Consultant on pig farming (VIC Group) spoke about management at pig-breeding enterprises engaged in rearing of piglets during the suckling period. He made a presentation on main diseases of sows and piglets during the suckling period. He elaborated on postpartum complications, presented schemes of treatment and prevention of metritis, mastitis and agalactia using antibacterials and hormones manufactured by "VIC Animal Health" (Amoxilong, Bacolam, Oxylong 20% retard, Tylanic 20%, Enroflon 10%, Floricol solution for injection, Oxytocin, Prosolvin, Enroflon foaming tablets) and drugs for symptomatic therapy (Activiton and Flexoprofen). Much attention was paid to treatment schemes intended for piglets during the suckling period with the use of Ursoferran, Spelinc, Solamox ("VIC Animal Health"), Multibio, Shotapen (Virbak), Pig-Protector, Rescue-kit (BioChem).

On the day of arrival, veterinary specialists made an excursion to Vladivostok Oceanarium. The excursion program continued with a trip to the Novosiltsevskaya battery, a unique tourist site that tells the story of military development in the 19th century. The Forum ended with a question-and-answer session. Each participant received a certificate. Everybody noted the high importance of such events. This format and relevance of the reports made it possible to get acquainted with the latest developments and scientific trends in addressing the critical aspects of the work of agricultural enterprises. Participants expressed their gratitude to the organizers and wished to regularly visit such scientific forums, which provide invaluable assistance in veterinarians’ work.

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