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VIC Group participated in the Dairy Festival named "Our breed" in Belgorod

The Dairy Festival "Our breed" was held in Prelestnoe, Prokhorov district on 20 May, 2017. The last time the festival of this magnitude was held in Belgorodchin more than 20 years ago.

One of the strategic objectives in the region is the establishment of a breeding and genetic center for the production of very productive breed of dairy cows adapted to Russian conditions.

One of the important steps towards this goal was the holding of a dairy festival, during which the leading enterprises of Belgorod region showed their best livestock at the exhibition of breeding cattle.

During the show there were revealed the best representatives among 40 animals.

The festival program also included an auction of cattle, which attracted much attention and wishing to purchase animals.


VIC Group presented a stand with samples of its own production and equipment for cattle. Employees of the Belgorod branch consulted festival participants - representatives of farms and private owners of cattle. Specialists of VETPRIBOR demonstrated generators of hot and cold fog.

At the end of the exhibition "Trading House VIC" Ltd. received a thank-you letter "For professionalism and innovative approach to the organization the Dairy Festival "Our Breed - 2017 ".

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