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The 3rd All-Belarusian Veterinary Congress

VIC Group participated in the 3rd All-Belarusian Veterinary Congress on diseases of pets, the event was held in Minsk, from 17 to 18 May.

The All-Belarusian Veterinary Congress has been the largest educational event in the Republic of Belarus. Almost all veterinarians from all regions of the country visited the Congress.

Leading specialists of veterinary medicine made reports, presentations, described diseases of cats and dogs, reported on latest news concerning veterinary medicine, nephrology, surgery, endocrinology and ophthalmology.

Along with the scientific part, the Congress included an exhibition area, where VIC Group presented its products manufactured by VIC Animal Health and vaccines manufactured by Bioveta. At the booth of VIC Group, the specialists of the company consulted visitors and clients, spoke of quality and advantages of their products, cosmetics for pets. On 17 May, an interesting discussion was held with the veterinarian of Minsk Zoo. As a result, he decided to use Biofel vaccines to treat wild cats, particularly tigers. The main advantages of these vaccines are hypoallergenicity due to the content of excipients and the absence of gentamicin that increases toxicity of other excipients. It is an important factor that Biofel vaccines include inactivated antigens.

Many visitors to the booth paid much interest to drugs manufactured by VIC Animal Health, for instance, Anestofol 1%, Mizofen-F and Flomecol. Cosmetics and care products of DOCTOR VIC also attracted great interest.

After the 2nd All-Belarusian Veterinary Congress with the participation of VIC Group, many veterinarians started to use drugs and cosmetics manufactured by VIC Animal Health. The specialists of VIC Group addressed every proposal and after examination and careful evaluation the company made necessary adjustments. It was noticed and at the 3rd All-Belarusian Veterinary Congress the work of VIC Group was highly evaluated by veterinarians.

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