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VIC Group and BioChek organized training for swine specialists

Training on "ELISA with BioChek test-systems in swine industry" was held in Severny, Belgorod branch of VIC Group, from 15 to 16 May.

Participants could know the advantages of BioChek test-systems, how to make ELISA reactions, work in BioChek program II and interpret the results obtained. Specialists of BioChek, L. Aleksandriv (Customer Service Manager in Eastern Europe) and I. Volkov (Technical Director of for Russia and CIS countries) conducted the training.
Representatives of government laboratories of Central Chernozem Region participated in the event. Employees of commercial laboratories of large swine enterprises also attended the training.
While some of the participants learned about ELISA reaction, the others could pass certification to confirm their professional skills. Main analysis and interpretation of the results were demonstrated. The specialists also provided examples to show how the results of serological examination would help veterinarians to diagnose animals. All the participants analyzed the results of their work. The specialists answered all questions and gave detailed information.

At the end of the training, the participants were awarded certificates and gifts. And the participants expressed sincere appreciation for the event.

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